Educating the Heart of Refugees

Education is a difficult task to accomplish under emergency circumstances and refugee camp settlement. Regardless of the challenges encountered refugee children deserve to have access to and receive minimum standard of education.


Education is a human right aimed to give children the skills they need to fulfill their hopes and ambitions. It is an asset – sometimes the only asset – they can carry with them to an unpredictable future. Education  is also about laying the foundations for peace.


125 000 refugees from Burma (Myanmar) living in the seven predominantly Karen refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. Since camps were established in 1984 a generation of children has grown up confined in them with access only to education offered inside the camps.


KRCEE is a refugee community based organization established in 2009 to strengthen the administration of camp education. We work exclusively in the field of education under the principle that every child, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion has the equal right to education.